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How can Klikkit help you?

1. Plan it

Easily connect your Klikkit smart button to the Klikkit iOS and Android app via Bluetooth. 

Every time you press the button, the app will log your progress and allows you to look back in time.

2. Click it

3. Track it

The Smart Button for Better Healthcare

Klikkit helps you to be in control of your treatment with a simple click.

The Bluetooth connected Klikkit button will send every click of the button to the app where you can review your progress on the fly.

Klikkit is a product of The HabLab

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Klikkit - your versatile assistant

Klikkit comes in handy with many important things that you need to remember, whether it is medication, birth control or simply activities that keep you healthy and active - like drinking enough water and getting enough exercise.

Klikkit is here to help.

What is Klikkit?

Klikkit is a smart Bluetooth button + app solution, designed to help you to take ownership of your individual treatment.

Easily set up a treatment schedule, pair your button via Bluetooth, and rest assured - your phone will notify you on time and the button will remind you that it's time to follow your treatment plan.

Connect your Klikkit button to the iOS or Android app, set up a schedule - and you are ready to go!

Every time you press the button, the app will log your progress and allows you to look back in time.

The colourful Klikkit smart buttons work as a gentle visual reminder to your treatment plan and from now on, your phone will notify you in time and the button will emit a gentle audio alarm.

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Getting started

Choose what to track and improve. This can be anything from remembering to apply your lotion, to taking the supplements you need when you're training.

Choose your habit



Place a button

Attach a color ring to one of the buttons, and stick the button on the object you are going to use: it could be the tube of lotion, yoga mat or anything else you want to track.


Make a plan

Open the Klikkit app on your smartphone, connect the button via Bluetooth, and create the plan that you want to follow. If you don't have the app yet you can download it here.

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