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How it works

1. Plan it

Open your Klikkit iOS or Android app and create schedules and discreet notifications for everything you want to remember.

The app logs every time you click your buttons, then displays your data in orderly charts and graphs.

2. Click it

3. Track it

You can see an overview of your progress on all your activities, so you can take stock and make adjustments.

One button for every task

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Klikkit is ideal for planning and tracking skin treatments, from psoriasis and eczema to dry skin.

Connect a Klikkit to your plants and never forget to water them again.

Remember to eat healthy: Klikkit can help you to get your fruits and veggies every day.

Klikkit is a great help in remembering to take birth control pills. Always be certain to take them, rest assured.

Advanced layers of technology made simple

Getting started

Choose what to track and improve. This can be anything from remembering to apply your lotion, to taking the supplements you need when you're training.

Choose your habit



Place a button

Attach a colour ring to one of the buttons, and stick the button on the object you are going to use: it could be the tube of lotion, yoga mat or anything else you want to track.


Make a plan

Open the Klikkit app on your smartphone, connect the button via Bluetooth, and create the plan that you want to follow. If you don't have the app yet you can download it here.

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UNIQUE: Exchangeable color rings to identify each button at a glance.

ATTRACTIVE: Textured PB plastic, designed for optimal tactility and pleasurable to touch.

PRECISE: High sensitivity dome switch, ensuring that every click is counted.

REASSURING: LED lights on every click - no need for guesses.

LASTING: High capacity built-in battery for extended operation.

VERSATILE: Replaceable adhesive on the back, to stick Klikkit wherever you need it, and move whenever you like.

Make good habits stick

Klikkit - the smart button that helps you remember your good habits with a simple click

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