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The Klikkit solution is a versatile engagement tool, designed to battle treatment non-adherence by helping caregivers monitor patient populations and enabling real-time intervention.

Klikkit - A Holistic Solution

Klikkit is designed to help caregivers and case managers stay closer to their patients. Through easy to use hardware and software, patients can now be monitored and activated in real time.

Klikkit Smart Button for simple and effective monitoring and patient activation. Easy to apply to anything connected to a patient's treatment schedule. Reminds patients independently through built-in alarms and schedules.

The Klikkit Bluetooth/WiFi Hub connects to the Klikkit Smart Button and forwards clicks to the cloud. Easy to install, it connect to an existing WiFi network and does not require any additional maintenance.

Klikkit's web-based dashboards support caregivers in monitoring patient populations and can help to improve adherence to medical treatments through ad-hoc interventions. Colour-codes indicate which patient has become non-compliment to treatment.

Holistic Solutions

The Klikkit IoMT solution combines smart buttons with mobile apps, Klikkit Hub, and web-based dashboards.

Many-to-many: Connect multiple buttons seamlessly to one or multiple mobile devices or the web-based dashboard.

No smartphone required: Klikkit buttons can be programmed to store treatment plans, trigger reminders and transfer data to the remote dashboard using a stationary gateway, the Klikkit Hub. 

Easy setup: The Klikkit buttons, app, and Hub can be set up within a few minutes without intensive technical knowledge.

Activate Patients

The Klikkit solution is designed to help caregivers activate patients in their medical treatment to improve healthcare and reduce costs.

Klikkit enables doctors and nurses to stay closer to their patients through remote surveillance. Should patients not take their medication, caregivers can easily intervene in real-time by triggering built-in alarms and notification.

The easily attachable Klikkit smart buttons can be assigned to any part of the patients’ treatment plan and prompts patients to act by flashing and beeping at a defined schedule.

The data is transferred to the web-based dashboard through the mobile app or the Bluetooth / WiFi Hub.

The Klikkit solution can help patients stick to their treatment.

Better Elderly Care

The Klikkit solution is designed to support caregivers working in elderly care and assisted living environments in their daily tasks through real-time monitoring and ad-hoc intervention.

The web-based dashboard allows caregivers to monitor adherence to treatment in patient populations from behind the curtain while leaving the patient empowered. 

The easily attachable smart buttons can store specified schedules independently, alerting the patient in real-time to take a dose, and allowing caregivers to activate patients remotely and ad-hoc if treatment plans are not followed. 

The WiFi / Bluetooth Hub relays the clicks to the dashboard and enables a centralised overview.

Klikkit helps caregivers keep an overview of patients and optimise important medical tasks while providing tangible cues to any unperformed action.

Healthy & Active

Klikkit can help people actively prevent the development of new or worsening existing lifestyle diseases. Whether this means supporting people to take their medication on time, reducing unhealthy habits like smoking or performing regular exercise, Klikkit is a versatile solution.

 With Klikkit’s upcoming downloadable health plans, buttons can be easily set up to improve the general well-being of specific age or patient groups.

Motivating people with a sedentary lifestyle to get up and move or reminding elderly patients to stay active through regular exercise – the smart button can be attached to anything that is important to track and be reminded of.

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"Klikkit has the potential to stem the skyrocketing costs of healthcare associated with medication non-adherence."

"Klikkit has the potential to stem the skyrocketing costs of healthcare associated with medication non-adherence."

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