How does it work?

The Klikkit system allows you to track whatever habit, product or task that you would like to follow or improve. You simply place a button on the fruit bowl, cigarette pack, toothbrush glass, medicine or whatever you would like to track. On the app, you can see the usage vs. the planned usage and use the information to improve your habits.

Can I see my progress on other phones?

Yes, you can sign in and out of any phone with the Klikkit app installed. All your clicks and progress are stored in the cloud.

Which phones can be used?

All phones with iOS 10.0 and Android 6.0 can be used with the Klikkit system. The Klikkit button connects to the phone via Bluetooth. 

When can I expect my delivery?

Currently, we are taking pre-orders, which means that you will be the first to receive the Klikkit once shipping begins. We expect to start shipping before the end of October 2018. 

Can I buy in countries other than Denmark?

Denmark is the only country that we sell to now. In a few months, we will launch sales in the UK as well.

How many buttons can I connect to one phone?

We recommend that you don’t connect more than 12 buttons per phone. However, we are currently developing a hub that will allow more buttons to be connected. The hub is currently being tested and will be launched soon.

I have trouble connecting my button

For a button to be successfully paired, you need to check that you have:

  • Accepted all permissions when installing the app

  • Turned on Bluetooth on your device

  • Given Bluetooth permission to use the device location

  • A stable internet connection

  • The button and device within acceptable distance (approximately 15 meters line of sight)

  • A button ready for pairing


My button is paired, but it does not count the clicks

The button will continuously try to send clicks to the device if they are within range and the button has clicks in memory. 

I want to sign in with another user

If you want to log out or sign in with another user, you can do so from the settings tab in the bottom. Press the tab and then press “log out”.

I get mysterious extra clicks

If you suspect that your dashboard shows more clicks than you actually have, please make sure that the buttons are not accidentally clicked, e.g. in a bag.

How do I pair my buttons?

Click and hold the Klikkit button for three to five seconds. The button will flash green; please release the click, the button will now start flashing intermittently. Once the pairing is established, the app will show a message of confirmation.

How do I reset my button?

If you want to reset a previously paired button, click and hold the button for 10 seconds: the button will flash 5 times fast once reset. The button is now ready to be paired again or stored for later use. Please note that the reset procedure will delete all the clicks stored in the button’s memory.

The light behaves oddly?

Long pressing the button when it is new and ready for pairing: The button light will flash green 

Clicking the button when it is connected to an activity will make the light flash 2 times, green

When the button starts to run out of battery, it will start to flash red

I’ve tried everything and my button still doesn’t work

The buttons have a lifespan of approximately 1.5 years with normal use (1-2 clicks per day). Please note that the buttons do not have replaceable batteries. If the buttons are brand new and still have problems connecting the buttons, please contact Klikkit customer support. Our contact number can be found on www.justklikkit.com .

Not what you were looking for?

Please have a look at the User guide. For any specific request, feel free to contact us by using the form below.

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