Monitor your own progress and create better treatment habits with the Klikkit App

​To enable the full potential of the Klikkit solution, patients and elderly citizen can benefit from the optional Klikkit app.

The Klikkit app is designed to program buttons and monitor progress through a simple, user friendly interface.

Activities and medications are color coded like the buttons for an easy overview of the whole treatment plan.

Monitoring your own accomplishments strengthen the feeling of success and motivation. 


Stick one button to any aspect of treatment

Take action

When the button sounds and flashes


Stick the button to log your treatment

Klikkit is grunded on principles of behavioural science

The Klikkit button is co-designed with a world famous Danish behavioural scientist, Pelle Guldborg Hansen.


Grounded on a behavioural principle called "the habit loop", Klikkit enables the creation of new routines and habits.

The trigger, action and reward mechanism helps releasing dopamines in the brain learning and memory center, the hyppocampus.

The Klikkit can be used for any aspect of treatment

The Klikkit buttons can be programmed individually to hold a schedule and sound up to 24 times a day.

The alarm is calibrated around the frequency of 2 kilo Hertz, optimal for the hearing of senior citizens.


The Klikkit buttons are water resistant and can be easily rinsed with normal disinfecting cleaners.

Do you want your own Klikkit?

Monitor your loved ones

No more worrying about missed medications – the Klikkit smartphone app will keep you up to date about your loved one's medication on your phone.

Monitor your loved ones discretely and from remote directly from your phone or tablet.

I can now follow my mother's medication – and rest assured that she's taking it.

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Do you want your own Klikkit?

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