A true plug and play solution, designed for easy deployment

The Klikkit solution is modular and versatile, to match the specific needs of Care Organisations.


For each patient it is possible to set up multiple buttons, connect them with one sigle click and start tracking different aspects of treatment from the browser accessible Klikkit Dashboard, within minutes.

To ensure the highest standards of data protection, data are safely stored in AWS HIPAA/GDPR compliant servers.

Optimised connectivity 

To  ensure constant bi-directional connectivity between the buttons and the back end, the Klikkit platform comprises two dedicated gateways.

The Klikkit Wi-Fi Hub: easy to set up and connect to the patient's home data network.

The Klikkit Cellular Hub: a completely self-contained gateway, that connects directly to the cloud by mean of a dedicated cellular network.

Additionally, any smartphone with the Klikkit app open in background, can act as a gateway and transfer data between the buttons and the cloud, for robust and redundant connectivity.

Small and truly smart Klikkit buttons

The easy deployable, indivudually programmable Klikkit smart buttons are designed to ensure reliable, continuous patient support.

To increase the robustness of the design, every button is provided with an internal memory to store both the time stamps of any button press and the treatment schedule of the treatment element the button is connected to.

BlueTooth LE connectivity keeps the Klikkit button connected to the Klikkit gateways and the cloud. 

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