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30% of Americans have trouble taking their medication as prescribed

And that can be very, very dangerous!

Life is busy, isn’t it?

Modern-day pressures — and a demanding, daily to-do list — leave people juggling a number of things at once. Often, something’s got to give. But that something should never be forgetting to take a pill. And yet, 50% of Americans with a chronic condition – which totals around 30% of the US population – struggle to take their medication as prescribed.

The result? 125,000 deaths each year.

That’s 125,000 potentially avoidable deaths, caused primarily by one simple (and very fixable) thing: forgetfulness.

With the right daily nudges in place, the 24% of Americans who cite forgetfulness as their reason for non-adherence can, quite simply, access more effective treatment pathways.

Klikkit – a small yet versatile smart button and tracking app solution – is one solution looking to save lives in this arena.

But, before we dive too deeply into the solution, let’s first take a look at the scale of the problem of non-adherence: Who is at risk of non-adherence to medical treatments?

In short: anyone who needs to take medication is at risk.

However, while bouts of forgetfulness can happen to any of us, demographic groups with stress, anxiety, fatigue and declining mental competency may be most in need of daily reminders. 

This is particularly true for the elderly, who may be living alone or suffering partial memory loss — whether due to ageing or as a result of degenerative illness. If left responsible for their daily medication, it’s no surprise these individuals lose track of their medication routines.

Forgetfulness can not only worsen their condition but also creates additional stress for you as a family member. If your parent was struggling to follow a prescribed medication routine, you’d want to do something to help.

This is where medication reminder tools such as Klikkit are able to perform an invaluable support role, for both those in need of treatment and their family and friends helping to care for them.

By reminding patients each and every day at the right time, Klikkit can ensure that their necessary medication is taken on time. This not only increases the effectiveness of treatment but also alleviates worry from those, in caregiving roles.

And with the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years expected to near double from 12% to 22% before 2050, the scale of this need will only increase.

Why is adherence to medical treatment so important?

What happens if someone you love skips their medication, whether intentionally or because it slips their mind? Put plainly, anything from re-hospitalization to fatality.

Here’s why: 

  • The course of medication is crucial in controlling and treating a condition – if a routine is interrupted, the risk of “falling back” increases. This may result in re-hospitalization and other, potentially fatal, consequences. For example, forgetting pills for a heart condition may substantially increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

  • Non-adherence to routine medication can also make illnesses harder to treat — especially in the case of a viral infection, such as HIV — and can cause serious complications to develop in the long-run.

  • Furthermore, some meds work best if taken before symptoms start — so if they veer from a routine, the patient may miss an appropriate window of time for the medication to be taken.

So, establishing a reliable medication routine can save from dangerous complications.


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