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How Klikkit provides reassurance for the loved ones of those with chronic illnesses

Responsibility for proper medication routines can fall to significant others or family in caregiving roles — taking on such an important role leaves caregivers susceptible to a myriad of related mental health issues.

If you’re currently supporting someone you love through a course of medical treatment, you’ll know this all too well.

Klikkit provides support to help alleviate some of your stress, by not only providing effective ways to remind your loved one to take their medication, but also by giving you a way of monitoring their adherence.

Solving the “forgotten pill” problem: how Klikkit combats barriers to proper medication adherence

If forgetfulness is the primary driver for non-adherence, then this seems an ideal place for medical innovations to intervene — after all, routine forgetfulness is easily overcome with daily reminders.

So how exactly can a device like Klikkit’s help you to encourage your friend or family member to take their medication?

It’s all in the behavioral science of the design.

Klikkit works by establishing a positive habit loop related to medication, meaning your loved one gets, firstly, a physical benefit from using the device, and secondly can build a long-lasting habit around taking their medication as intended.

Let’s take a look at this in more detail:

As Charles Duhigg explains in his book, “The Power of Habit” a new habit requires three elements: cue (or trigger), routine (or action) and reward. Each of these elements has been built into the fundamental design of Klikkit, meaning that it is designed to positively influence behaviors both now and in the long-term.

The Klikkit Trigger

Klikkit’s smart bluetooth button has a built-in sound alarm providing an effective trigger point for those in need. When the alarm sounds, they immediately know it’s time to take their next round of meds.

You (or your loved one) can simply stick the smart button anywhere – on a pill box, vitamin bottle, bedside table etc. – to get a reminder when the next dose of medication is due.

The Klikkit Action

Once your friend or family member hears the alarm, they are then cued to complete the action they need reminding of. This creates a habitual mental cause and effect: when the alarm sounds, I must take my medication.

Because the bluetooth button is standalone, and attached directly to the medication they need reminding about, there’s little risk that the reminder alarm will be confused with any other beep around the house.

The Klikkit Reward

Finally, once the medication has been taken, your loved one simply clicks their Klikkit button and receives haptic feedback to close off their habit loop.

This small but important action encourages lasting behaviour change, by creating a very physical start and end to the new habit of taking medication on time.

Unlike other pill tracking solutions, there’s no need to be near a smartphone to confirm that meds have been taken – a simple click of the button, and the action is logged.

Klikkit also rewards by making it easier for individuals to take back control of their medication experience. Using the Klikkit smartphone app, your loved one can view daily, weekly and monthly overviews, to view their adherence progress.

The app also provides rewards, through motivating push motivations when a meds routine has been followed.

But the biggest reward? Well, as we’ve seen: medication adherence can keep them alive and well.

How Klikkit supports your family by allowing real-time monitoring and intervention

Supporting a significant other or family member through their course of medical treatment can be a stressful and emotionally-exhausting experience for caregivers like yourself – the risk of non-adherence is not to be taken lightly.

So Klikkit makes it easier for you to monitor whether a loved one’s medication has been taken. If you are concerned that a family member is falling behind on their treatment, a quick look at the app can provide full, real-time information on how they are doing.

This also allows you to support from afar. It’s not always possible to be by someone’s side throughout their medical treatment; Klitkit’s smart device bridges this gap, by syncing with a number of selected smartphones – i.e. yours and theirs – throughout the day.

Using the app, you can then immediately know when you need to act; if your parent, spouse or loved one is non-adherent, for whatever reason, you can immediately intervene.

Through this continuous intervention, you can rest assured that loved ones aren’t falling off the radar, thereby dramatically reducing the rate (and risk) of non-adherence.

What’s more: Health Care Professionals can have access to the same databoard, thereby enhancing patient monitoring capability as they shift from hospitalization to home treatment. Offering you professional back-up, should you need it.

Put simply: with its intuitive touch device and reminder app, Klikkit can help those who need medication, and those who want to support them, tackle the life-threatening issue of missed medication.


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