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Meet John - A Klikkit user

What is it like living with a chronic disease in retirement? John, 69, newly retired, doesn’t represent all, but you maybe able to relate to some aspects of John’s life.

John, 69, newly retired and a happy user of Klikkit

John, like many others, has hypercholesterolemia, which requires daily medication; Statins, which for many patients reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by up to 40%... if you remember to take them properly that is.

Regardless of age and being retired or not, taking the medication as you’re supposed to, can be a challenge. For John, his every day in retirement is as packed with activities as while he was employed, which turn the medication habit into somewhat of a challenge.

Every morning around 8 AM, John is supposed to take his medication - neatly fitting in with his morning routine. The challenge arises when he’s extra busy some days - e.g. going to the senior fishing club, meeting his son, getting the car to the shop, etc - where he every now and then forget the medication.

“The question that comes to mind more often than I care to admit: Did I take my medication this morning?”

This is something that most chronics can relate to. Likewise, John forgets that he remembered the medication. Over-medicating is in many cases as dangerous as under-medicating - which is the usual thought following the questioning of the morning medication routine.

“And the fact that I don’t know whether I took my medication or not, makes me think: Should I take one now - hours later? And what happens if I did remember it this morning? Is over-medication bad?” John continues.

This is where John really benefits from the Klikkit Button and Klikkit App. John can see the actual medication taken in the app - which relieves him of all the questions in his mind and all the worrying about medication.

We are honored to have patients like John using our system - And it genuinely makes us happy that our system helps him through such a small change - but with a huge positive impact on his life.

Thank you, John, for sharing this with us


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