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The Smart Button for Smarter Healthcare

Klikkit, the innovative smart button + app solution, can help you to be in control of your habits, routines, and treatments with a simple button click.

Smart button & app

Klikkit is a smart button + app solution with trackers and reminders for anything you want to be on top of! 

Make it stick 

Klikkit can be attached to anything: vitamin bottles, inhalers, pill boxes, injection pens – you choose!

Track your progress 

The app's useful overviews help you to keep track of your progress. Have you taken your medication yesterday? Did you drink enough water in the last 5 days? Klikkit can tell you.

Klikkit – remind me! 

Set up a schedule and be reminded in time: The Klikkit smart button stores your schedule and alerts you through sound and light alarms.

Build lasting habits 

Klikkit is designed based on behavioural science principles, the habit loop, to build lasting habits. With Klikkit it is easy to make your good habits stick!

Jonas, 27

Klikkit helps me to be on top of my healthy habits, every day.

Line, 43

Klikkit is attached to my pill box so I don't always have to think about it.

Marie, 23

I used to forget my daily treatment but Klikkit helps me keeping track!

Treatment plans & healthy habits - be on top of it!

Focus on what's important to you.

Klikkit is designed for you and your specific needs. Klikkit helps you with whatever it is you want to track and be reminded of – so you can focus on yourself.

Alarms & notifications: Klikkit will remind you in time with built-in sound alarms and phone notifications.

Keep anywhere: double-sided adhesives allow you to keep your Klikkit where you need it.

Long living battery: replaceable CR 2032 coin battery with up to 1-year life.

Get started now

The Klikkit app helps you taking control of your Klikkit smart button - and your treatment.

Connect your Klikkit smart button via Bluetooth, set up treatment schedules, and enjoy the clear overviews and dashboards. Should you forget to take your medication, the app can alert you with built-in alarms and notifications to remember your treatment!

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