Klikkit home care helps 

care professionals organise their

tasks and deliver timely and documented care

The Klikkit virtual buttons are the most intuitive way to keep control over all care processes at the patient side

Care professionals can consult the latest updates and prioritise

intervention while

on the move

Reduced adverse events

With allarms and

remote monitoring

Optimised patient support

Easier handover

between shifts

Automatic logging

Of all treatments and 

care activities

Here's what Klikkit for care homes can do, explained by a nurse working in elderly care

Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 11.44.58.png

The Tablet at the patient's bedside:

Overview of all care activities for each patient

  • Countdown to the next scheduled task 

  • Time elapsed since the last activity

  • Duration of the activity

The Klikkit dashboard in the nurses' office gives an overview of all the care tasks, and help prioritising support to individual patients

Real time

Daily monitoring of

bed side activities


Of patients based on

support needed 


Historic data of performed

patient care

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