Klikkit helps activate citizens follow treatment, increasing their adherence to therapy by 38%.

​Klikkit smart trackers can be attached to any aspect of treatment: all types of medications, monitoring devices or physiotherapy equipment.

Klikkit can also be attached to other essential aspects of a daily routine, such drinking water, nutrition, personal hygiene.

One tracker button per element of treatment.

Buttons can then be programmed to sound and flash as many times a day as the citizen need to take action.

Once the citizen has completed the task, he can stop the alarm by pressing the button.

Simple yet very efficient.


Stick one button to any aspect of treatment

Take action

When the button sounds and flashes


Stick the button to log your treatment

Klikkit can be used for any aspect of treatment

The Klikkit patient screen gives to the patient the overview of the daily tasks and the first reminder.

The Klikkit buttons can be programmed individually to hold a schedule and sound up to 24 times a day.

The alarm is calibrated around the frequency of 2 kilo Hertz, optimal for the hearing of senior citizens.


The Klikkit buttons are water resistant and can be easily rinsed with normal disinfecting cleaners.

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Set up Klikkit in just 3 steps 

Through the Klikkit patient screen Care Professionals can set up alarms and buttons through a fast and visual procedure, while in their office or visiting a citizen.

Firstly the Care Professional defines the new activity or medication for the patient, then a schedule for the alarms is associated to the new activity or medication, and lastly one Klikkit is  connected to it  by long pressing the button once. 


Simple and effective.

Select the medication or
Define the schedule for the alarms
Press the button
once to
 pair it

Monitor and support citizens more efficiently by knowing their treatment behaviour

Through the Klikkit dashboard it is easy to keep the overview of citizens compliance to treatment. 

The Information is shown in real time so that can be used to give the best and most timely support when needed.


The view is customisable to show the most meaningful information for any care organisation.

Analyse the effect of treatment over time for a single citizen or for the entire population 

The Klikkit platform can generate customised periodical reporting on citizen compliance to treatment.


Knowing the citizens actual compliance and behaviour opens new possibilities in assessing the efficacy of treatment, either for a single medication or for combinations of multiple treatment elements. 



Do you want to test Klikkit?

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