The Klikkit Platform

Klikkit is an intuitive and versatile solution to the challenge of daily medications and treatment plans.

It is designed to empower patients  to take ownership over their medication duties: starting from routines that gradually transforms into positive habits.

The Klikkit Buttons for reminding

The Klikkit buttons are physical trackers that can be stuck onto any component of a treatment plan, both pharmaceutical and non pharmaceutical, turning them into smarter and interactive elements.

The Klikkit App for full overview

The klikkit app visualises the schedule of all the elements of a treatment plan, along with the clicks received by the Klikkit buttons, to keep track of the adherence.

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The Klikkit Hub for data transfer

The Klikkit Hub is an alternative way to manage the Klikkit buttons remotely. 

Patients who don't own a smartphone, can still benefit from the Klikkit habit forming buttons and the support of caregivers and care professionals

Klikkit Dashboard for professionals

Through the Klikkit dashboard care professionals can monitor and stratify patients, based on their adherence, keeping an overview of the entire patient population at a glance.

As a private user:

Use Klikkit for yourself

Klikkit can help you to keep track and follow your treatment plan better. Buy the buttons in our webshop to get started - the Klikkit App is free to download

As a business:

Contact us to start a pilot

If you represent a business, hospital, municipality or other care organization, and you believe that Klikkit could be interesting, you are more than welcome to write us.

Curious to try Klikkit?

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